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The Todd L. Levitt Law Show

Defense Attorney, Todd L. Levitt, delivers a fast-paced law show focused on global marijuana laws. The show discusses many other topics,  including criminal laws, the Constitution, changes in laws that affect all of us, . This fun, yet informative show features Craig Russell, the outstanding co-host of the mother ship.

Jul 26, 2020

Rick Simpson Oil, or (RSO) is a cannabis concentrate used for many different medical benefits, including relieving cancer symptoms. It has has a thick, syrupy consistency and can be applied as a topical or ingested in food or drinks.

Back in 2003 Rick himself faced with cancer developed what is now known as Rick Simpson...

Jul 19, 2020

Todd is out of studio above the bridge while Craig remains firmly in The Mother-Ship. Today's show is a fun look at a number of observations together with a touch of law. Craig wants to know Todd's position on state mandates. 

Enjoy the show!!

Jul 4, 2020

This episode was prerecorded before the 420 Canna Hemp Expo was cancelled due to Covid-19. The big show will be rescheduled for next years 420!!  

 Cannabis Attorney, Denise Pollicella is back in the Mother-Ship. 

Todd has a legit complaint about a medical doctor