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The Todd L. Levitt Law Show

Defense Attorney, Todd L. Levitt, delivers a fast-paced law show focused on global marijuana laws. The show discusses many other topics,  including criminal laws, the Constitution, changes in laws that affect all of us, . This fun, yet informative show features Craig Russell, the outstanding co-host of the mother ship.

Jan 31, 2022

In this episode Craig & Todd discuss the dangers in texting & driving. Todd claims that Craig is a combination of more than one strain. 

Growing up in the 1970's as a young boy you were either a fan of Ginger or Maryann. Craig and Todd discuss this and much much more on this fast paced moving episode.


Jan 24, 2022

Craig Russell & Todd run downj a list of laws that eitehr are not enforced or no one knows about. Grandaddy Purple is the strain of the week. Craig Russell accepts his new title as The Big Wazoo..

Jan 14, 2022

United States Supreme Court ruled on private employer goverment mandates relating to covid shots and information. Todd & Craig give the listeners theri two cents on the issue. Can THC/CBD help to prevent covid or symptoms from gaining traction? Craig has some interesting information he shares with the audience.


Jan 7, 2022

Miranda Right? How and when do they apply? In Miranda, the Court held that a defendant cannot be questioned by police in the context of a custodial interrogation until the defendant is made aware of the right to remain silent. Todd runs thru a few scenarios to help the audience better understand their rights.