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The Todd L. Levitt Law Show

Defense Attorney, Todd L. Levitt, delivers a fast-paced law show focused on global marijuana laws. The show discusses many other topics,  including criminal laws, the Constitution, changes in laws that affect all of us, . This fun, yet informative show features Craig Russell, the outstanding co-host of the mother ship.

Dec 29, 2023

Jeff Chadwick, #89 former Professional Football Player, Detroit Lions joins Todd and Craig for the last show of 2023. Jeff and Kristen run one of the top youth Football Camps in the country, Legends Football Camp, which takes place week after July 4th, in Clare, Michigan. Jeff and Kristen also run J. C....

Dec 23, 2023

The wait is over Michigan's most anticipated recreational dispensary is opening December 29th, 2023, Village of Barryton, Michigan. Located at 3023 (20) mile road. Todd and Craig are joined by general manager Mike Messina who announces the grand opening right here on the show of all shows. 

What are some of the best...

Dec 15, 2023

This episode brings the heat with two outstsnding lawyers Mike and Wendy Nichols joining Todd and Craig in The Mother-Ship. Topics include DUI reduced to careless driving. Why is it you get a different outcome depending on which judge you appear before and the prosecutor. Family law is touched on with Wendy...

Dec 8, 2023

This episode turns it and burns it as Todd & Craig discuss a wide range of legal Myths.

Are contracts enforcable if not in writing? What happens if two people not married purchase real property and split up?

Drunk Judges and so much more.

Enjoy, share and post.


Dec 1, 2023

BIKER BOB, a regular on the show joins Todd & Craig in The Mother-Ship. 

How many of you run stop signs while driving on private property? If a police officer observes the person driving can the officer issue a ticket?  Most states have what is called, a uniform traffic code that may allow an officer to issue...