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The Todd L. Levitt Law Show

Defense Attorney, Todd L. Levitt, delivers a fast-paced law show focused on global marijuana laws. The show discusses many other topics,  including criminal laws, the Constitution, changes in laws that affect all of us, . This fun, yet informative show features Craig Russell, the outstanding co-host of the mother ship.

Dec 4, 2020

Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia are just a few of the countries where as a tourist you do not want to get busted with weed. The laws are tough and penalties severe. Todd & Craig discuss the various countries and their penalties. 

Deputies and jail administrator charged with criminal misdemeanor for playing "Baby Shark" to inmates. Is this considered cruel and unusual punishment?

U.S. Circuit Court rules in favor of teen kicked off cheerleading squad for using the "F" bomb over and over on her private snapchat.

This episode is full of information and as always very entertaining

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